Advanced Rollforward Recovery

Advanced rollforward recovery is available if you have advanced logging enabled using the /ltt f parameter.

You can use this process to recover from all types of failure.

Unlike the rollback recovery process, it does not require the extra flushing process in the event of operating system, device or power failure.

To recover the data files, replace them with the current backup files, and then forward recover those files. The time this takes depends on how regular you take a backup; see the Best Practices section for the best way to set up Fileshare recovery.

If you use the user exit procedure (fsexitproc.cbl), you can control which files are recovered using this process.

To run the advanced rollforward recovery process:

fs /r dbase.ref

When recovery is complete, you should archive the existing log files; otherwise you receive the following error when Fileshare is next started:

FS302-S Unable to continue - A log file already exists.