Enabling Advanced Recovery Logging

Advanced recovery logging can be enabled either for rollback recovery only, or for rollback and rollforward recovery, by entering one of the following commands on the Fileshare server:

To enable logging for rollback recovery only:

FS /d dbase.ref /ltf logtrans.dat

To enable logging for both types of recovery:

FS /d dbase.ref /ltf logtrans.dat /ltt f
Syntax Explanation
/d dbase.ref Specifies the database reference file
/ltf logtrans.dat Specifies the log file for advanced logging
/ltt f Specifies logging compatible with rollforward recovery, as well as rollback recovery

If you want to use rollback recovery for system failures, you need to enable extra logging, which has an impact on performance. You must have enabled the write through (/lw) and flush on commit (/fc) options when Fileshare was started, either on the command line, or by setting them in the fs.cfg file. You do not need to enable these settings if you plan to use only rollforward recovery.