Managing enterprise servers from Server Explorer

Server Explorer is an Eclipse view that enables you to connect to servers, as well as view and access their resources.

Server Explorer displays the following hierarchical structure:
  • ESCWA node: the top level node is a connection to an ESCWA. By default, the IDE connects to an ESCWA on localhost:100086. If this ESCWA is secured, you need to enter sign-on credentials to view its contents. You can configure connections to more than one ESCWA.
    • Micro Focus directory server node: when you expand the ESCWA node, the directory server connections configured in ESCWA are displayed. If a directory server is secured, you need to enter sign-on credentials to view its contents.
      • Enterprise server node: when you expand a directory server connections node, the individual enterprise server nodes are displayed, from which you can perform a number of operations (see list below), or expand the node to view the server's local catalog.

From Server Explorer you can:

  • Add and delete connections to multiple ESCWA servers.
  • Add and delete Micro Focus directory servers from connected ESCWA servers.
  • Import and export enterprise servers to and from a Micro Focus directory server.
  • Run certain administration for the enterprise servers, such as:
    • starting and stopping a server.
    • associating a server with a project.
    • viewing a server's console log.
    • viewing and updating a server's spool queues and catalog.
    • submitting jobs to a server.
    • configuring a server's analysis settings.

If Server Explorer is not displayed, click Window > Show View > Other > Micro Focus > Server Explorer.