To connect to a remote enterprise server

To connect to a remote enterprise server, you need to set up a new connection to the appropriate directory server, which in turn requires a connection to the containing ESCWA.

  1. In Server Explorer, right-click the appropriate ESCWA node, and then select New > Directory Server Connection.

    If the required ESCWA node is not displayed, see To create an Enterprise Server Common Web Administration (ESCWA) connection.

  2. Specify the remote server:
    • Click Name and enter the name of the directory server connection.
    • Click Server Address and enter the IP address (IPv4 format) or host name.
  3. Click Server port, and specify the port number for the directory server.
    Note: By default, Server Explorer displays the group of available enterprise servers on your local machine accessible on port 86. Contact the remote machine Administrator to determine the port number of the remote machine.
  4. Click Finish.

    A list of enterprise servers available on the remote machine is added to Server Explorer.