Developing IMS Applications

Micro Focus provides support within Enterprise Developer that enables IMS Database (DB) and IMS Transaction Manager (TM) applications to be migrated to open systems, modernized, and deployed. This includes:
  • Analysis, development, debug, and testing tools
  • An IMS TM- and IMS DB-compatible production level environment that enables migrated COBOL/IMS applications to be deployed on Linux, UNIX, or Windows platforms with virtually no code changes
We provide several tools from within the Enterprise Developer and Enterprise Server IDEs to build IMS components, and to create, load, and test IMS databases. Many of these tools are also available as command-line tools and some can be executed through a JCL interface. These include utilities that:
  • Generate MFS, PSB, and DBD sources
  • Load, unload, and initialize IMS Databases
  • Rebuild corrupt IMS Databases
  • Create image copy IMS Databases
  • Recover IMS Databases
  • Enable you to edit an IMS database, verify and browse IMS data, test DLI calls, and create test data
Tip: To become familiar with the process of developing an IMS application, we recommend that you follow the procedures presented in the IMS: Tutorial topics.