Migrating Existing IMS Applications

If your goal is to move an IMS application off of your mainframe and run it in a local area network environment, you should follow the procedure outlined in this section to ensure that you download all of the relevant files and that you are familiar with the further work necessary to prepare the application to run in a LAN production environment.

Migration Procedure

The following is a summary of the migration procedure. For specific instructions on any phase of the migration, see the topics referenced below.

  1. On the mainframe, unload the IMS database
  2. Download the unload database and IMS source files from your mainframe to your local machine
  3. Create an Enterprise Developer project
  4. Add downloaded IMS source files to the new project
  5. Build the project, generating all PSB, DBD, and MFS database files
  6. Load the generated IMS database from the downloaded sequential file created when you unloaded the IMS database on the mainframe
  7. Create and configure an enterprise server instance to run your IMS application
  8. Export IMS transaction definitions from the downloaded IMS Stage 1 file
  9. Import IMS transaction definitions into your Enterprise Developer project
  10. Deploy the application to the enterprise server instance for testing