To define the MFS null character

Transaction level

  1. In the drop-down list under Resources on the ESMAC menu, select IMS.
  2. Click Transact.
  3. Click Details for the transaction to be modified, or New if you are creating a new transaction.
  4. Select the appropriate value for the MFS Null field. Where you set this to [default], the value set at Enterprise Server level (see below) will be used.
  5. Click Add or Apply as appropriate.

Enterprise Server level

  1. On the Home page of Enterprise Server Administration, click Edit next to the name of the enterprise server you want to enable.
  2. The Edit page that appears contains a hierarchy of tabs. Click the Server, Properties, MSS, IMS and TM tabs.
  3. Select the desired value for MFS null character field.
    Note: You can override this value at transaction level.
  4. Click Apply.
Note: This task is only applicable if the codeset bias being used is 'ASCII'.