Editing Segment Data

You can directly edit character and hexadecimal representations of binary segment data for a segment occurrence, and you can use DL/I calls to add, modify, and delete segment occurrences.

The IMS Database Editor supports these DL/I calls:

DL/I Call Function
ISRT Add a new segment occurrence
REPL Modify an existing segment occurrence
DLET Remove a segment occurrence

If a segment is of variable length, you can also change the segment length.

Before issuing ISRT and REPL calls, you need to edit data.

Note: You cannot make changes to segment occurrences while the Browse window is open.
Adding a new segment occurrence
The method used to add a first child differs from the method used subsequently to add twins to the first child.

Once you have added the first child, you can add a twin very quickly. While the data for the previous twin is still in the segment buffer, you can edit the key field and any other fields that are different and then insert the data from the buffer.

The Segment data area initializes to the size of the child segment and fills it with default padding bytes. The Layout View and Field data area adopt the segment layout for that segment type, if one has been set up.

Before inserting the data into key fields, you must edit them to make them unique.

Initializing segment occurrences
The IMS Database Editor provides two options for initializing segment occurrences:
Initialize the data in the segment buffer. As you enter new data, the IMS Database Editor loads the appropriate layout automatically. This option is quick because it does not require additional specifications.
Select Layout and Initialize
Specify the layout you want to use for the new segment occurrence and initialize the data in the segment buffer. The editor applies a default segment layout when you initialize.
Changing segment length
If you have a segment layout loaded for the current segment occurrence, you can edit the length field of a variable-length segment.
Note: If you do not have a segment layout loaded, you cannot edit the length field. Instead, use the IMS Segment Editor to change the length field.