To add a first child segment occurrence

  1. If browsing the database, click End Browse end browse.
  2. Optionally, click Move to start of database icon on the IMS Database Editor toolbar to move to the start of the database.
  3. On the toolbar, click GHN icon until you are positioned on the parent segment for which you want to add a child occurrence.
  4. In the tree view, expand the parent segment type.
  5. Click the segment type that appears directly below the parent segment type.
  6. From the IMS Database Editor menu, click Edit > IMS DB Editor > Initialize Segment to initialize the segment. When you do this, you can optionally choose a different segment layout than the current layout.
  7. Edit the key field to make it unique.
  8. Edit other fields as required.
  9. When you have completed all required editing, click ISRT icon to issue an ISRT DL/I call.

    Your current position in the database moves to the new segment occurrence.

  • If you have the Update warning option checked, click Yes to enable data updates. See To configure edit warnings for more information.
  • You cannot add a new segment occurrence while the Browse window is open.
  • Before clicking ISRT icon, you can cancel the insert at any time by clicking Edit > IMS DB Editor > Undo Segment Edit.