Deploying ES.NET Mainframe Subsystem Applications

Enterprise Server for .NET is the execution environment for emulated mainframe CICS and JCL applications running as .NET code. You can use it on a single system, across multiple machines, or in the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure.

You use Enterprise Developer for Visual Studio to create a project for the application and then you deploy the artifacts to Enterprise Server for .NET.

Enterprise Server for .NET must be installed and licensed on the machine on which you are going to deploy your applications or in Microsoft Azure.

You can deploy files to a local or a network file system. The locations of these and of any database hosted files are configured in the region's start-up file.

You deploy the artifacts to either a region, a cross-region or to a datastore database. Micro Focus recommends the cross-region or a datastore database scenarios as this does not affect region start-up performance.

Deploying to Azure:

You can deploy your ES.NET Mainframe Subsystem Applications to Azure. First you need to deploy Enterprise Server for .NET. Then, you can use the same tooling (seedeploy or MMC UI) to deploy the application's files to either a database location or to the Azure Cloud Drives.

For more details, see the documentation for Enterprise Server for .NET available from the Micro Focus Customer Care dropdown menu.