Deploying the Micro Focus Run-Time System

Applications developed using Enterprise Developer require a COBOL run-time server, Enterprise Server, to provide the necessary run-time system and support.

Micro Focus recommends that you install the full Enterprise Server with your applications. It is also possible to install only selected files, which is available to preserve backward compatibility.

To install the full Enterprise Server (recommended):

  1. Install Enterprise Server either in same directory as your application or a separate directory, which is recommended if several applications will be sharing it.

    To install this, run the install file es_70.exe .

    You can also install Enterprise Server silently - see Enterprise Server Installation Options.

    If you use a Windows install package to deliver your application, you can include the Enterprise Server with this. See Enterprise Server Deployment Toolkit.

To install selected files (not recommended, but available for backward compatibility):

  1. Determine the files to ship.
  2. Extract the files in the Enterprise Server install file. To do this, run the executable file es_70.exe .
  3. Copy the files that your application requires into same directory as your application, or if several applications will be sharing the files, copy them into a separate directory.