Assembler Support Overview

Assembler support enables you to include Assembler modules in your projects. As with COBOL programs, you can:
  • Edit Assembler source code
  • Compile and link your Assembler source code including copybooks and macros provided with Enterprise Developer, or ones you have written yourself.
  • Create new Assembler modules
  • Trace and debug your Assembler modules.
  • Assembler support does not allow you to include Assembler program components in your run-time applications. Once you have an assembler component working, you need to rewrite it in COBOL to include it in a deployed application.
  • The Assembler Compiler and Linker are not supported on UNIX and Linux platforms.
  • Enterprise Developer supports remote projects that include Assembler code (for example, you can convert local projects to remote ones). You can add files to such projects and edit them and project settings, but compiling, linking and debugging are not supported.