About Developing Assembler Applications

Assembler programs usually have file extensions of .MLC or .ASM and can be included into any Enterprise Developer project.

Assembler modules with EXEC CICS statements in them are usually identified with the file extension .CAP. When these modules are added to your project you can assemble and link them into either data tables with the extension .MOD, or as executable modules with the extension .390.

  • Only assembler modules are linked to form executable modules.
  • Cobol modules cannot be linked with 390 assembler modules. Even though assembler modules have the .OBJ file extension these modules are not compatible with any Microsoft linker, and can only be linked with the Micro Focus assembler linker.

    As a result while assembler modules can be linked to make assembler to assembler calls static or dynamic, all Assembler to COBOL or COBOL to assembler calls must be dynamic.