To install CCSID tables

Note: To complete this task, you must have administrator privileges for the Enterprise Developer installation directory.
  1. In a Web browser, download the IBM CCSID tables (in from to your %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Micro Focus\Enterprise Developer\etc\ccsid subdirectory.
    Note: If clicking the link does not result in a popup prompting you to save the file, right-click the link and select Save link as from the context menu.
  2. Use the tabindex.txt file located in the file to identify the package number and filename for each CCSID table you need to install.
    Note: The CCSID value used in the SIT must be an EBCDIC one. As Enterprise Server operates in ASCII mode, you need to pick the corresponding ASCII CCSID as well. See To convert an EBCDIC CCSID to ASCII about how to configure this.
    • To use the CICS Web services feature with the default CCSID of 37 configured in the SIT, you install the IBM-37, IBM-437, and 002501B5 tables as a minimum:
      • IBM-37 is the conversion table to convert from CCSID 37 to UTF-8.
      • IBM-437 is the conversion table to convert from CCSID 437 (the corresponding default ASCII CCSID) to UTF-8.
      • 002501B5 is the conversion table to convert from CCSID 37 to CCSID 437.
    • If the CCSID value in the SIT is changed to a different EBCDIC CCSID (CCSID EBC1), you need to configure the corresponding ASCII CCSID (ASC1) as mentioned above. You need the following tables:
      • IBM-EBC1, IBM-ASC1 and the table to convert from EBC1 to ASC1 (the folder name would be denoted using the HEX values of EBC1 and ASC1).
  3. For each table you want to install, as a subdirectory to the ccsid directory, create a directory of the same name as the CCSID table filename as specified in the tabindex.txt file.
  4. For each CCSID that you want to install, open its corresponding file (as specified in tabindex.txt) and extract the files from the appropriate CCSID .zip file to the corresponding directory you created in step 3.

    For example, to install a CCSID table to convert Spanish to USA English, create a subdirectory under ccsid named 011C01B5. Then extract the contents of\ to the 011C01B5 subdirectory.

    Note: You also need to create subdirectories and extract the IBM-284 and IBM-437 tables which are both contained in
  5. If your application uses another CCSID 'E1' in addition to the configured default ones, you might also need to download the following tables to convert from:
    • 'E1' to 437 (or the default ASCII CCSID)
    • 'E1' to 37 (or the default EBCDIC CCCSID)
    • 'E1' to UTF-8