Configuration Requirements for CICS Web Services

To successfully create and execute a CICS Web service using Enterprise Developer and Enterprise Server, ensure that you have:

CCSID Tables

The CICS Web services feature requires that you install the appropriate IBM CCSID tables, and then configure your enterprise server region to reference them. For instructions, see To install CCSID tables.

Enterprise Developer Projects for CWS

Use these guidelines to create and configure an Enterprise Developer project for CWS:

  • Create the project using the Mainframe Subsystem Application template.
  • Set the following project properties on the COBOL tab:
    • COBOL dialect: Micro Focus
    • Character set: ASCII
    • Mainframe group: Check EXEC CICS
Note: This topic addresses settings specific to CICS Web services development for execution on an enterprise server region. The development environment for CICS Web services running on alternative runtime platforms might require alternative settings.

Enterprise Server Regions for CWS

Use these guidelines to create and configure an enterprise server region on which to run a CICS Web service:

  • Create the enterprise server region using the provided CICSTemplate.xml template.
  • In Enterprise Server Monitor and Control (ESMAC), add the following provided resources to your startup list, which is DEMOSTRT by default:
    • DFHWEB
  • Update the System Initialization Table (SIT), which is DEMOSIT by default, to specify a CCSID code set identifier of 37 in the Local CCSID field. For details, see To specify a CCSID table in the CICS SIT.
  • If your CICS application running on Enterprise Server uses the ASCII character set, you must configure your region to convert from EBCDIC to ASCII. For details, see To convert an EBCDIC CCSID to ASCII.