CICS Web Services

Enterprise Developer COBOL CICS Web Services (CWS) support enables you to create CICS COMMAREA- and Channel-based Web services, and generate CWS client applications.

Under Enterprise Server, a COBOL CICS application can act as a service requester and/or a service provider. CICS under Enterprise Server supports:

Enterprise Developer provides support for developing requester and provider COBOL CICS applications. The following command utilities are provided to generate various Web service binding files (WSBIND) for WSDL and JSON, and also optionally for JSON when using "linkable interface" mode, JSON binding files (JSBIND) generated inside a bundle directory. Binding files map between WSDL or JSON schema and COBOL programming language data structures, and are required at run time:

WSDL to language structure
Language structure to WSDL
JSON schema to language structure WSBIND file, or
Language structure to JSON schema

For more information on each of these commands, see the appropriate reference topic listed below.

You can run any of these utilities from your Enterprise Developer project, or from an Enterprise Developer command prompt.

Important: Before attempting to run a CICS Web Service on Enterprise Server, review the information in the Configuration Requirements for CICS Web Services topic.