Working with PL/I Solutions, Projects and Files


Solutions are a Visual Studio concept. A solution is a container holding one or more projects that work together to create an application. Splitting your solution into a number of projects has several advantages:

  • Multiple users can work on a solution, as different users can work on different projects.
  • Breaking a solution down into a number of smaller projects makes them easier to handle and quicker to build.
  • The projects in a solution can be in different programming languages, so splitting your application into a number of projects enables you to take advantage of mixed language programming.

A solution has the extension .sln, and is a human readable text file, which you could edit, though we recommend that you use the Visual Studio IDE to do so.


A PL/I project has the extension .pliproj, and again is human readable. It is in msbuild format, which is explained in the Visual Studio Help. Different types of project have different extensions, so for example a C# project has the extension .csproj.

Templates for different types of PL/I projects are supplied. Each template creates the appropriate file structure to hold the project and defines the appropriate build settings.

See the Visual Studio Help for more information on solutions and projects.