Migration Scenarios

The Assess Application Migration tool runs a multi-phase process to determine the migration potential of each SQL statement contained in your original IBM z/OS mainframe DB2 SQL. The tool considers and reports on the following four scenarios for each source file containing DB2 EXEC SQL code:
  • As is - use existing DB2 SQL code as is.
  • Code convert - convert the DB2 SQL code to T-SQL code.
  • HCOSS no BIND - convert the DB2 SQL code using SQL(DIALECT) only.
  • HCOSS with BIND - convert the DB2 SQL code using both SQL(DIALECT) and SQL(DBRMLIB). For more information, see the Manage Packages and Plans Tool and DSN BIND utility topics.
For each scenario, the tool reports the total number of DB2 SQL statements that fall into these categories:
  • OK - statements that can be likely migrated to SQL Server without alteration
  • Must fix - statements that are not compatible with SQL Server and require a manual code change
  • In doubt - statements for which HCOSS cannot determine migration potential