DSN command

Executes the DSN Bind utility, which performs schema updates as necessary and executes the commands contained in an HCOSS bind script file.


DSN SYSTEM(SQLServerConnection) @"bindScriptFile"


SQLServerConnection The name of an established connection to a SQL Server database.
bindScriptFile The full path to and filename of the bind script (.hcodsn) file that contains the commands you want to execute.1
userID The user ID required to log onto your SQL Server database. Enclose in double quotes (") if the user ID contains non-alphanumeric characters.2
password The password required to log onto your SQL Server database. Enclose in double quotes (") if the password contains non-alphanumeric characters.2

1 For a listing of commands that are valid in HCOSS bind script files, see the topic Bind Script Commands.

2 The level of database access permissions required by these login credentials can vary. For details, see the topic DSN Bind Utility.


  • DSN.exe is in the %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Micro Focus\Enterprise Developer\bin directory.
  • Execute DSN.exe either from a command prompt in the %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Micro Focus\Enterprise Developer\bin directory, or execute it as a post-build event.
  • When deploying to a remote server, you can optionally execute DSN.exe on your deployment server instead of your development server; however, to do this you must have appropriate permissions on the deployment server machine.
  • Create the bind script file either with the Manage Packages and Plans tool, or manually in a text editor.
  • If you omit the ASUSER parameter, DSN uses Windows authentication, prompting you for a username and password if it fails.