To debug a CICS service interface

  1. Be sure that you have enabled Allow Dynamic Debugging for the enterprise server that runs your service interface.
  2. In your Visual Studio project for your service interface, increase the values for both the Facility keep time (seconds) and Wait interval (seconds) service interface properties to a number representing several minutes. For example, we recommend 300 seconds (five minutes) or more for debugging.
    Important: For production, we recommend that you change both of these values back to their default of 30 seconds each or to change them to values suitable for your production applications.
  3. From the Solution Explorer, deploy your service interface to the appropriate enterprise server.
  4. Start the enterprise server.
  5. From the Solution Explorer, open the Properties window for the project that contains the CICS program invoked by your service interface.
    Note: The CICS program that is invoked by your service interface might reside in a different project than the service interface itself.
  6. On the Debug tab, set Launch to CICS.
  7. On the CICS tab in the Transaction field, type the transaction code that starts the CICS application.
  8. From the Solution Explorer, right-click the program invoked by your service interface; then click Debug.
  9. When you are done debugging, click Debug > Stop Debugging.