Regions are listed under their parent Directory Server.

To add a new region, click * New and specify its details in the New Region dialog box. You can edit or delete regions by clicking the appropriate icon at the far right of the region row. To start or stop a region, click the Start/Stop icon, this takes you to the Control page.

Note: A warning will be displayed if you try to create a region with a working mode that is different from the bitism of the parent Directory Server. The region might not work on some platforms if they do not have the corresponding product binaries.

Click Export to export the definition of a single or multiple regions and specified characteristics, such as security configuration, from ESCWA into a single JSON or XML definition file. You can transfer the output file to other machines and import the region(s) into other instances of Enterprise Server or ESCWA.

Click Import to import a single or multiple regions stored in a JSON, XML, or legacy definition file which has been exported from another instance of Enterprise Server into ESCWA.

Click Copy to copy one or more regions and specified characteristics, such as security configuration, to a new region on the same Directory Server.

Click Reconnect to refresh the network endpoint addresses for the started regions.
Note: The Directory Server might not be contactable while this occurs.

Click on the value for the Security column to take you to the region's External Security Manager (ESM) configuration.