DCAS conversation type

The DCAS connector checks the configuration options when started and when modified. Changes affect current and new conversations.

certificate directory=certificate-mapping-directory
allow unauthenticated clients=unauthenticated-clients-option
allowed formats=allowed-DCAS-request-formats
check client authorization=client-authorization-option
check user authorization=user-authorization-option
fingerprint algorithm=encryption-algorithm
fingerprint fallback=use-secondary-algorithm
pad with spaces=yes|no
userid source=registration|cn|cn fallback
map CN=yes|no
fold CN to uppercase=yes|no
Note: For the DCAS conversation type, the section names (Certificate, Operation, and Tracing) can be preceeded by "DCAS", as in DCAS Certificate. This permits configuring internal DCAS in a TN3270 listener's configuration. See DCAS Security and TN3270 conversation type for more information.