trace-level Specifies the amount of tracing to include in the log.


Default: 0 (tracing is disabled)
Values: 0, 1, 2, 3, y, Yes

A trace value of "y" or "Yes" is treated as trace level 2.


This enables tracing for this connector, which is written to the Micro Focus Communications Server (MFCS) log. Trace level 1 provides function tracing, including what type of calls are made to ESF. Trace level 2 provides everything level 1 does, along with data tracing, printing out the first 32 bytes of incoming packets and the first 30 bytes of outgoing packets. This ensures sensitive data, such as the certificate and the passtoken, are not printed. Trace level 3 displays some additional information regarding request processing.
Note: For trace level 2, the usernames are displayed. This trace level also emits messages regarding the format of the incoming certificate. All non-recoverable errors are printed in all cases.