License Usage Logging with AutoPass License Server

AutoPass License Server (APLS) is a Micro Focus web-based solution for managing Micro Focus Software product licenses. If your Micro Focus development or run-time product is licensed using an AutoPass license, you can take advantage of the license usage logging feature available within APLS.

This usage logging feature captures license usage statistics within the development or run-time product, and then periodically sends them, encrypted, to an AutoPass License Server. Once uploaded, an authorized user can run reports from the server, showing high-level license usage over a period of time. There are a number of pre-defined reports available that are based on the types of licenses available; for example, concurrent user reports, machine core reports, etc... Those reports can also be customized to suit your organizational needs. Additionally, you can create your own reports, either from scratch or by basing them on the existing reports.

The usage statistics used in a report are defined as instances where a feature requiring a product license is consumed. For development products, this would be things such as checker/compilation or run-time processes; for deployment products, this would be a run-time process. Usage is monitored over the time frame of one hour: for example, multiple compilations by a single user, on the same product/machine within an hour would generate one instance, resulting in one record entry in a generated report. Statistics are also captured for Docker containers, using the same principles.

Such reporting can demonstrate if your current license quota is in line with your needs, and helps avoid your organization from contravening any licensing agreements, or it can simply be used for auditing purposes.