Integrating with an AutoPass License Server

In order to generate license usage statistics for this product, it must be licensed using an AutoPass license, and then configured to send the information to an AutoPass License Server.

  1. Open the AutoPassDaemonConfig.ini file. This file is located:

    In its default state, this file contains a number of parameters without values.

  2. Update the following mandatory parameters:
    Option Description The host name of the AutoPass License Server The port number of the server. (The default port number is 5814.) Set to HTTPS
    autopass.daemon.allow.usage.persistence Set to true - this enables the link between your product and the AutoPass License Server
  3. Save and exit the file.
  4. Restart the following services:
    • Micro Focus CES Daemon
    • Micro Focus Autopass Daemon
    Usage records are generated immediately, and periodically (once an hour) sent, encrypted, to the specified AutoPass License Server.

The process for configuring license usage statistics in an AutoPass licensed container is the same as described here, but additionally, once your autopassdaemonconfig.ini file is configured, it must be added into your container image in the same location as described above: this can be copied in during your application deployment image build process or mounted at run time.

Note: The sending of reports is not visible to an end user; if an administrator informs you that records are not being received by the intended APLS, you should contact Micro Focus Customer Care, who can enable logging to help troubleshoot any problems.