Organizing Your Workspace

As you work in AcuBench, remember that workspace organization is entirely virtual, and that an AcuBench project is a virtual grouping of related programs. This means that although AcuBench creates a default directory structure for a project, only AcuBench-generated code needs to reside within that structure. Remember that:

All of this makes it possible for you to manage your entire large application within a single version control project, while maintaining multiple AcuBench projects.

The AcuBench .ini file provides a means of standardizing screens, reports, code generation options, and other properties of the workbench environment across multiple workspaces. For more information, see The Tools > Options Dialog.

At the project level, project options files (.pof) allow you to create compiler, runtime, and environment settings once, then import them into other new or existing projects. For more information, see Project Settings.