Linking and Importing COPY files

When you use the Add Item button to add fields to your FD, you have the option to link to or import an existing COPY file containing all or some of your field definitions.

The Link COPY File option creates a logical link to an existing COPY file. When you generate your FD and SELECT, a COPY statement is added to the FD to bring in the linked items. Information from the COPY file appears in colored text in the Data item definition area. If you link to multiple COPY files, the contents of each file appears in a different color. Linked items cannot be modified in the File Designer.

Alternatively, the Import COPY File option makes a copy of the items in the specified .fd file. There is no link or dependency on the imported file. Imported items appear in the default text color (usually black) and can be edited in the File Designer.

If part of your record definition includes a link to a COPY file and you want to instead import those fields, you can easily make the switch. To perform the conversion, select a field in the linked portion of the record and double-click in the More field. Click the button that is displayed. In the Field dialog that appears, enable the Convert Link to Import check box and click OK.