Installing Products Within the POSIX Shell

  1. Begin by invoking the POSIX shell with the following command:
  2. Extract the contents of the TAR archive with the following commands:
    shell/iX> cd /ACUCOBOL
    shell/iX> tar xovf name

    where name is the tape device name (for example, "/dev/rmt0") or the name of the TAR file ("mpeix_7x.tar").

    Note: TAR format creates byte stream files that may conflict with existing file formats. If you have an existing installation of ACUCOBOL-GT, and you get errors when extracting the archive, you should remove any existing files from the destination directory before installing your products.
  3. Set your PATH environment variable so the ACUCOBOL-GT commands can be found:
    shell/iX> export PATH="$PATH:.:/ACUCOBOL/bin"
  4. After the files are installed, run the "mpinst" command. For example:
    shell/iX> mpinst

    If you get the following error:

    mpinst: not found

    your PATH environment variable is not set correctly. Make sure you are in the correct directory (as described in step 2 above) and use the full pathname for the "mpinst" command, for example:

    shell/iX> cd /ACUCOBOL
    shell/iX> /ACUCOBOL/mpinst

    The mpinst install script:

    • Alters the capabilities and access for the ACUCOBOL account. Other accounts that use ACUCOBOL-GT should have, at least, the following capabilities:
      Account: ND,SF,BA,IA,PH
      User: ND,SF,BA,IA,PH
      Group: BA,IA,PH
    • If necessary, converts the files read from the TAR archive to what MPE/iX expects. It converts the files because files read from archives in TAR format are created as byte stream files on MPE/iX.
    • Sets up a link needed for printing from the POSIX shell. For more information on printing, see the topic Printing from the MPE/iX POSIX Shell.
    • Sets file permissions and ownership to the ACUCOBOL account.
    • Copies a library needed for relinking the runtime to the "/lib" directory.
  5. Once your products have been installed, start the Activator from the "/bin" subdirectory.
    shell/iX> /ACUCOBOL/bin/activator
  6. At the prompt, type the product code and product key that came with your product package. When you press Return after typing in each code and key pair, the license file is created. Repeat this cycle until the code/key pairs for each product you have ordered are entered.