Defining an Internet application path

With AcuConnect, you define the pathname of your remote COBOL objects in a configuration file on the client. (This configuration file must be associated with the initial COBOL object.) In this file, you use the CODE_PREFIX variable to define the location of the object programs being CALLed.

In an Internet environment, the CODE_PREFIX variable should include the domain name of the AcuConnect server being accessed over the Internet. For example:


where prog2 is the directory containing the ACUCOBOLGT object code, and "condor" is the name of the application server running AcuConnect. If you define "condor" as an alias for, you could simplify the remote pathname to "*condor:/usr/prog2". This would not include the port number, but the port number is not always required.

If you want to enter the explicit IP address of the server, you may do so as in the following example:


Notice that the name of the server is preceded by the asterisk character, "*". The asterisk indicates that the program is located on the server and that it should be run on the server as well. If you want the program to run on the client, you can simply change the "*" to "@". This emulates AcuServer notation.

When the client program executes a CALL, it determines which directory contains the program by looking in CODE_PREFIX, and then it executes the program on either the client or server as specified.