Internet Considerations for AcuConnect

Although Internet implementations of AcuConnect are configured the same as LAN or WAN configurations, there are special considerations for providing application and data access on the Internet: primarily, how you define the Internet application path and how you keep your applications and data secure in this environment. This section provides the answers.

Note that end users must have a live Internet connection when they run the program that accesses AcuConnect over the Internet. In addition, the server name in the client configuration file must be resolvable by the Internet name server used by their service provider. The Internet name server then resolves the name with its IP address. If the server name is not exposed to Internet name servers, you can enter the explicit IP address when configuring the client runtime.

If the server is accessed through a Virtual Private Network (VPN), the user must connect to the network before running the client program.

For general information on setting up and using AcuConnect, please see the AcuConnect User's Guide. For information on using the thin client or Web thin client on the Internet, see Using the Thin Client to Launch Web Applications.