Security and AcuConnect

If you use AcuConnect to grant application access, you'll want to take the proper security measures to prevent unauthorized access.

One way to do this is with a firewall. When you set up a firewall, you'll need to indicate the "port number" through which clients gain access to the application on the server. The default port number for AcuConnect is 5632. You can indicate this setting through the ACURCL_PORT configuration variable.

In addition, AcuConnect uses a security file called AcuAccess to support a wide range of access privileges, from very open to very restrictive. You choose the level of security best suited to your needs. The AcuAccess file is an encrypted Vision file. It contains one or more access records defining which users of which clients are permitted access to AcuConnect. AcuAccess lets you specify individual user IDs that give users exactly the privileges they need, and no more.

Every access record can include a password entry that the application or user must match before AcuConnect establishes a connection.