Thin Client Solution on MPE/iX

Thin Client technology allows you to run your application on the HP e3000 while displaying the user interface on a Windows client. This is particularly valuable if you use ACUCOBOL-GT to develop a Windows-native graphical user interface (GUI) for your HP e3000 application. Our AcuConnect component, described in the next section, is a key enabling Thin Client technology.

Note: The MPE/iX operating environment has a limitation that requires sites planning to use AcuConnect to carefully consider how they will deploy the service. In the MPE/iX environment, the operating system does not provide a way for a program to change its user ID. Therefore, the service always uses the ID of the account that starts the service. Any action the program takes is performed with that ID. This inability to change IDs imposes some limitations and requires that MPE/iX sites carefully consider how they will deploy AcuConnect. There are two approaches to managing this issue. See AcuConnect User's Guide for details.