AcuConnect is used with the Thin Client technology, an innovation that lets you display your server-based application on graphical display hosts. For a thin client to access programs on the server, AcuConnect must be running.

AcuConnect comes with a default security file known as AcuAccess. This file is located in the /ACUCOBOL/etc directory and is called /ACUCOBOL/etc/AcuAccess.

The /ACUCOBOL/etc/AcuAccess file contains a database of access records that determine which machines and which users are allowed to use the server. Depending on the construction of the database records, the server access file can provide many levels of system access, from very permissive to very restrictive. By default, system access is permissive.

The server software also comes with a configuration file called /ACUCOBOL/etc/acurcl.cfg.

For the job file to work, you must modify the configuration file so that the following parameters are uncommented and have the following values:

Parameter Value

For more information, see the example in the topic Starting AcuConnect.

Note that the value for DEFAULT-USER must be specified in uppercase.

In addition AcuConnect requires a server alias file to hold all the information that will be needed to invoke the appropriate application on the server. See the AcuConnect User's Guide for details on how to create this file.