Installing AcuConnect

To prepare your server, you must first install AcuConnect. You also need to install an ACUCOBOL-GTĀ® runtime. The procedure for installing AcuConnect varies, depending on whether you are installing on a UNIX server or a Windows server. The following help topics describe the process for these systems.

For thin client architectures, you can also install AcuConnect on a VMS server. See Installing AcuConnect in Thin Client on a VMS Server for information on VMS procedures.

For AIX version 5.1 and later, HP-UX version 11.11 and later, and Solaris version 7.0 and later, ACUCOBOL-GT products are distributed as shared object libraries. If you install AcuConnect as a shared object library, and you choose not to install to the default location (/opt/acucorp/xxx), you need to set an appropriate library search path variable specifying the location of the shared objects. The exact library path variable to set depends on the individual operating system. For example, on an AIX system, you would need to set the LIBPATH environment variable. Note that if you log on as root or superuser, this variable must also be set in root's environment for AcuConnect to start.