Identifying a Machine Key Mismatch

Check for a machine key mismatch by opening the Makefile (located in the "lib" directory) and locating the line containing "PMK". Make note of the machine key number that appears here. The Makefile content looks like this:

# Makefile to create new version of "runcbl" or "acusql"
# based on changes to "sub.c"
# To relink the runtime, run: make runcbl
# To relink the ESQL pre-compiler, run: make acusql
# Distributed with ACUCOBOL-GT version 8.0.0
# PMK: 120

Now, open the runtime license file, and check the machine key number. This number should be the same number that appears in the PMK number of the Makefile. The license file content looks like this:

# ACUCOBOL license file
# BLOCK_START_runtime_120_7.0.0
# Product code: LQASC3ABANS6S7XX7A2S
# Product key.: HTY9SVJBAMX3
# Product........: runtime
# Version........: 8.0.0
# Machine-key....: 120

If the numbers don't match, refer to the packing slip and the product code and key labels that were sent with the distribution. Note that the UNIX CD contains several choices, but only one port will match the generated license files. After reviewing these documents, delete the installed files and reinstall, choosing the port from the UNIX CD that matches the description on the license labels including whether it is 32- or 64-bit.