Calling COBOL from C

If you are working in an environment that includes programs written in both COBOL and C or C++, refer to information in this section for details on using the ACUCOBOL-GT C API. You will find a reference for all the functions in the C API and instructions for calling COBOL from C.

Note that you can call COBOL from C locally or remotely. You can even have the runtime execute remotely without a COBOL object executing on the client. All you need on the client is a C or C++ program and a runtime. For this to work, you set CODE_PREFIX in the configuration file that you provide with the runtime initialization to point to a remote server hosting your COBOL application. The remote server must also be running AcuConnect. AcuConnect is able to execute a COBOL object remotely and share data with the local runtime. For more information on executing remote COBOL programs with AcuConnect, please refer to the AcuConnect User's Guide.

Unless noted otherwise, references to C also apply to C++ code that conforms to the C calling conventions.