Function Reference

Functions in the C API include the following:

Function Description
acu_abend()      Performs the ACUCOBOL-GT signal handling logic
acu_cancel() Simulates the COBOL CANCEL verb from C
acu_cancel_all() Simulates the COBOL CANCEL ALL verb from C
acu_cobol() Allows you to call COBOL programs and control how they are executed
acu_initv() Initializes the runtime with command-line options
aculongjmp() Cuts the C and COBOL call stacks to the point recorded in the buffer
acu_register_sub() Registers a COBOL subroutine that calls a C routine, so you can locate the routines in the calling executable file
acu_runmain() Starts up a COBOL program that will be treated like the main program of the run unit
acusavenv() Records information about the state of the C and COBOL call stack
acu_shutdown() Halts the ACUCOBOL-GT runtime
acu_unload() Removes a cached program from memory
acu_unload_all() Removes all cached programs from memory