This routine performs all the necessary exit handling needed by the runtime. It also ensures that all COBOL files are closed and that the screen is returned to its normal operating state.


void ASTDCALL acu_shutdown(int place_cursor);
Note: After acu_shutdown() returns, do not call any COBOL subroutines again during this run. In particular, do not try to re-initialize the runtime with another call to acu_initv().


If you pass a non-zero value in place_cursor, the runtime places the screen's cursor on the last line of the screen and scrolls the screen one line. This is the normal behavior that you see when you execute a STOP RUN. If you pass a zero in place_cursor, the cursor is not moved and the screen is not changed.

The value of place_cursor overrides the EXIT_CURSOR configuration variable, which also controls the handling of the cursor at shutdown.


For an example of using acu_shutdown(), see Shutting down the runtime.