To prepare your application for use in a distributed environment:

  1. Identify the files or processes that you want to distribute onto the server.

    Distributing files involves the use of AcuServer, our file server. Distributing processes involves the use of AcuConnect, our application server.

  2. Code your application as usual, or review your existing code for usefulness in the distributed Web runtime environment.

    As needed, include the appropriate library routines or fields described in Coding for the Web Runtime.

    Be sure to refer to the special coding considerations listed at the end of that section. If you plan to distribute processes, you may need to make some programming changes.

  3. Compile your initial program using ACUCOBOL-GT.

    The resulting object file can be executed from within a browser on any Windows machine that has the Web runtime installed.

  4. Create client/server configuration files as described in the AcuServer and AcuConnect User's Guides.

    Minimally, the client configuration file should contain the path of the server files or processes. You can achieve this using the FILE_PREFIX or CODE_PREFIX configuration variables.

  5. Configure the Web runtime as needed. This is described in the section Configuring the Web Runtime.
  6. Move all programs except the initial program onto the server.
  7. Set up and run AcuServer and/or AcuConnect on the server machine.
  8. Include the initial object file in your Web site using one of the methods described in the section Invoking Your COBOL Application with the Web Runtime.