KSAM system limits and ranges

KEYS   1-16 keys
KEY SIZE byte 1-255 bytes
  integer 1-255 bytes of integer data
  real 1-255 bytes of real number data
  IEEE real 4, 8, or 16 bytes of IEEE real number data
  numeric 1-28 bytes of numeric data
  packed 1-14 bytes of packed decimal data

(odd # of char)

  *packed 2-14 bytes of signed packed decimal data

(even # of char)

REC SIZE   1-32,767 fixed-length and undefined-length ASCII files
    1-32,766 variable-length ASCII, fixed, variable and undefined length binary
FILE SIZE   4 gigabytes, KSAM XL file
    128 gigabytes, KSAM64 file

Other limits apply as described in Limits and Ranges.