This variable is designed for use with AcuXML for instances when you want to include a schema or schema name with your XML output. In order for this variable to have an effect, AXML_CREATE_STYLE must be set to schema and AXML_SCHEMA_NAME must name the schema file. Once these conditions are met, this variable tells AcuXML whether to create a schema file with XML output, or simply include the name of a schema file in the output.

By default, when AXML_CREATE_STYLE is set to schema, AcuXML creates a schema file for all XML output. Because only one schema is typically required, you should set AXML_CREATE_SCHEMA to FALSE after the first time a schema is created. Then, only the name of the schema file will be included in the output XML file. Similarly, if you already have a schema file and don't want AcuXML to overwrite it, set this variable to FALSE.