This variable is designed for use with AcuXML. Use it to define the type of XML output that ACUCOBOL-GT should generate when it creates XML files. It can be set to DTD, SCHEMA or NONE. Set this variable to NONE if you want the resulting XML file to be raw XML. Set it to DTD if you want the output to include a Document Type Definition of the elements in the document. Often, the party with whom you trade data may require that your XML document include a DTD.

Set this variable to SCHEMA if you want ACUCOBOL-GT to create a schema to describe the XML documents that it writes. Schemas provide the highest level of detail about the contents of the associated XML document, and are typically required for development purposes. If you set this variable to SCHEMA, you must use the AXML_SCHEMA_NAME variable to name the schema file.

Please note that creating a schema for a file that was run through the xml2fd utility with a schema won't result in an identical schema. In addition, note that setting this variable to schema causes a schema to be created for every XML output file by default. Once the first schema is created, you should set AXML_CREATE_SCHEMA to FALSE to prevent schemas from being created on subsequent XML outputs.