File Size Summary Report

The -size option of vutil gives summary disk usage information for a set of Vision files. This option is useful for quickly determining which files are occupying the most disk space and for spotting files that contain a large amount of unused space. The command is:

vutil  -size  [ -n ]  [ -q ]  [ files ]

If no files are requested, then the standard input is read for the list of files. The printed information includes the total size of the file, the number of records, and the number of deleted records the file contains. Also given is the percentage of records in the file that are not deleted records. This information is useful when you are trying to find candidates to rebuild when disk space gets tight. Non-Vision files are ignored by this command.



This option shows all files, including non-Vision files. Although the vutil -size option normally ignores non-Vision files, sometimes it may be useful to see which files are being ignored. This option provides that capability.

Non-Vision files display as:

junkfile: not a vision file
-q This option causes vutil to exit (with status 99) if user interaction is required.