Vision File Utility - vutil

On Windows, UNIX, and Linux systems, ACUCOBOL-GT uses the Vision indexed file system to manage its indexed data files. For these systems, ACUCOBOL-GT comes with an indexed file utility program called vutil that contains several useful functions. The full name of this 32-bit utility is vutil32, but is referred to as vutil.

Note: Other file system interfaces have their own file utility packages. On VMS systems, for example, ACUCOBOL-GT uses the RMS file system that is native to VMS, and the vutil utility is not supplied. VMS-specific programs such as ANALYZE/RMS and CONVERT can be used to accomplish the same functions that vutil provides.

vutil provides several functions in one package. It can be used to:

Each of these functions is indicated by an initial keyword on the command line (preceded by a hyphen). This keyword may be abbreviated to its first letter. The functions are designed to allow you to specify all possible task parameters up front, so that the utility can run unattended or with a minimum of user interaction. Each function is discussed below.