AcuToWeb Introduction

AcuToWeb is an innovative technology that displays the user interface portion of your server-based ACUCOBOL-GT application to a client-side browser.

The client-side browser must have HTML 5 and WebSocket support; this can be found in such browsers as IE 10+, Edge, Firefox 38+, Chrome 43+, Safari 7+, IOS Safari 6+.

AcuToWeb consists of the AcuToWeb Gateway, AcuConnect, ACUCOBOL-GT runtime, your COBOL application and data, and also requires a web server (such as IIS, Apache, or AcuToWeb even includes its own web server). Client-side users only require a browser that supports HTML 5, unless your application needs access to the client, for example, client-side printing or other client-side resources (such as Thin client @[DISPLAY] syntax), in which case AcuToWeb Desktop is required. AcuToWeb Desktop facilitates the communication from the server-side COBOL program (such as calls to Win$Printer) and provides printing functionality on the client.

AcuToWeb can be deployed in the following ways:

As AcuToWeb is used by a variety of HTML 5-supporting browsers, the following are not supported by AcuToWeb: ActiveX controls and .NET controls.