Installing from the Command Line

The acuserve -install command installs acuserve as a Windows NT/2000 to 2008 service. Optional arguments to -install include:

Option Description
server Specifies the name of the server machine. If no server is specified, the server is assumed to be the local host.
depends Specifies the name of a service or service group on which acuserve depends. This option may be repeated multiple times. The effect of the depends option(s) is to establish a dependency in which acuserve will not start unless each service named after a depends is currently installed on the server as a service. depends must be followed by a space and the name of a Windows service or service group. If the name is a service group, it must be preceded by a "+" character (for example, depends +Alerter). The depends option and service name must come after the server option and before any start options.

If AcuServer is already installed as a service and you want to add or change dependencies, you must remove the acuserve service and reinstall it with the new depends options.

Refer to your Microsoft Windows documentation for information on service dependencies.

most start options       Most -start options can be used with -install. The exception is -f, which prevents acuserve from being installed as a service. Note that these options are stored for service start-up on this particular port. See Starting and Stopping acuserve, for a list of options.
For example, to run the service with the arguments -c c:\etc\server1.cfg -le c:\tmp\server1.log on start-up, you would use the following -install command:
acuserve -install -c c:\etc\server1.cfg -le c:\tmp\ server1.log
If there are no options stored for a service, starting the server on a particular port automatically installs a service on that port and stores the options used. In other words, you can install and run a service with one set of arguments and then occasionally run the service with different arguments by using acuserve -start.

If running multiple instances of acuserve, use the -n option to specify a number for a particular acuserve service. The service will be named Acuserve X, where X is the number you specified with this option. If you do not use the -n option, the name of the service will be Acuserve.