Starting and Stopping From the AcuServer Control Panel

  1. To access the AcuServer control panel, do one of the following:
    • From the Extend Start Menu, click AcuServer Control Panel from the AcuServer folder.
    • From the command prompt, type acuserve and press Enter.
    Note: You need to run the AcuServer control panel as an administrator.
  2. Select the Services tab.

    You will see a list of port numbers and startup options for installed acuserve services. Services that are currently running are marked with a green bullet, and services that are stopped are marked with a red bullet.

  3. To start a service, highlight the service and click Start.

    To change the startup properties for a service, highlight the service and click Properties. Any modifications that you make to the startup properties for that service are stored and used as the default startup properties the next time the service is started.

    Note: You cannot start acuserve in the foreground using the ACP. If you want to start acuserve in the foreground, use the command acuserve -start -f at the Windows command line.
  4. To stop a service, highlight the service and click Stop.