By default, AcuServer creates a local, cached copy of any COBOL object files executed by the client in order to improve performance.

Use the CACHE-DIRECTORY configuration variable to specify the directory in which to store cached object files.

If you do not set CACHE-DIRECTORY, the runtime searches the other temporary directory variables (A_TMPDIR, TMPDIR, TEMP, and TMP), uses the first found, and appends /acu to the name of the directory. The runtime attempts to create the new directory. If the directory does not exist and cannot be created, caching is not performed.

AcuServer creates a unique filename for the cached file based on the date, time, size, and location of the file, so that as long as the object file doesn't change, the name of the cached file will remain the same.

To disable local caching, use the server configuration variable NO_LOCAL_CACHE, described in Server Configuration Variables.