Runtime Configuration Variables

On UNIX systems, the runtime configuration file is typically named cblconfig and is located in /etc by default. On Windows systems, the configuration file is typically named cblconfi and located, by default, in the \etc directory on the same drive as the operating system.

If the configuration file has a different name or is located in another directory, the full path and name of the file must be specified with the -c option when you start the ACUCOBOL-GT application (for example, wrun32 -c device:\path\config_file program_name program_parameters). See Compiler and Runtime in the ACUCOBOL-GT User's Guide for a complete description of the runtime configuration file and all options to runcbl and wrun32.

Several configuration variables that appear only in the runtime configuration file can affect AcuServer's behavior. These variables, include AGS_PING_TIME, AGS_SOCKET_COMPRESS, AGS_SOCKET_ENCRYPT, CACHE_DIRECTORY, filename_MRC, and USE_LOCAL_SERVER.

Some specialized variables appear only in the server configuration file, while other configuration variables, including ACUSERVER_PORT, DEFAULT_TIMEOUT, ENCRYPTION_SEED, LOCKS_PER_FILE, MAX_FILES, and MAX_LOCKS, SECURITY_METHOD, TEXT, and V_BUFFERS, can or must be used in both the runtime and server configuration files. Most of these variables are discussed in Server Configuration Variables. The remainder (FILE_PREFIX, CODE_PREFIX, APPLY_CODE_PATH, and APPLY_FILE_PATH) are discussed in Using FILE_PREFIX and CODE_PREFIX.