By default, AcuServer copies any COBOL object files executed by the client to a local cache directory to improve performance. This variable allows you to limit the size of the directory in which these files are stored.

Set CACHE_DIRECTORY_SIZE to a whole integer value to specify the maximum number of megabytes available in the storage directory. For example, when this variable is set to the default value of 5, the sum of the sizes of all files in the cache must be less than 5MB. File size is checked before a new file is downloaded from the server. If the directory reaches maximum size, the oldest file is deleted first. In the rare event that there are two or more files that are equally old, the largest is deleted first. Files are deleted until there is room to save the new file.

When the runtime determines the size of the cache directory, it considers only object files it has cached into that directory. In particular, it counts only the sizes of object files that are from the server it is talking to (including the port on which AcuServer is running). Other object files are not considered, so they are never automatically removed by the runtime.